Covy Land : a new adventure of Covy

Try Covy Land, a new adventure of Covy on Windows Phone

Covy Land is the new adventure of ‘Covy’, a little white rabbit. Covy Land is an action game made by the start-up Loon Apps. Previous games by Loon Apps was Link and Catch.

In Covy Land, You will help Covy to save his children lost in some countries. To win, you will avoid angry blocks and traps and find all babys. To play, slide your finger on the screen to adjust the angle of jump, then release your finger to make “Covy” jump. Additional goal is to collect lots of carrots to appear in the world wide ranking.

To play, download Covy Land from the Windows Phone Store, or flash the QRCode.

To learn more about Covy Land, watch the trailer after the break or visits our website .

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