Microsoft recently released a new Canary build of Edge for Android which features a unified code base with the desktop version. The intent was for features to flow more easily from the desktop to mobile client, and today we can report on one such feature that has made the hop.

Microsoft has ported their coupon feature, which recommends coupon codes when you check out at online stores, to Edge for Android Build 92.0.884.0.

The feature is still currently behind the Shopping sites Coupons flag (a unique Edge for Android flag).

When enabled you get a new toggle in Settings:

And when this is enabled, Microsoft will now indicate with a tiny coupon symbol in the address bar that they have a coupon code that could save you money available to you when you visit your favourite retailer.

With so many people being mobile-first, having such useful features available on your phone also may lead to some boost in Edge’s mobile market share.

Source: Leo Varela.