A few days ago Microsoft teased a major OS update on the 24th June at 11.

There is good reason to believe this OS will be called Windows 11, and one of the reasons posited was the shape of the light falling through the window logo, which appears to form 2 columns, which some say are similar to the shape of the number 11.

Of course, that would be a rather thick 11, and it seems to me that the illuminated area resembles the panes of a dual-pane device a lot more, a device such as the seemingly cancelled Surface Neo.

That device was of course meant to run the now cancelled Windows 10x, but we know Microsoft decided to port much of the technology, such as the new touch keyboard, to Windows 10 21H2 (which we now expect to be called Windows 11).

Windows 10X of course failed as Microsoft was being much too ambitious with running all apps in containers, though Microsoft has teased new development opportunities with the new OS, and we wonder if we will not see something like Android apps on Windows 11 as part of Microsoft’s announcement.

Of course, we are nearly two years on from the original announcement of the Surface Neo, and it seems likely an updated version will run Windows 10 on ARM instead of an Intel processor.

Overall, it seems likely that Microsoft will launch a new OS with new hardware, as has always been its tradition. Do our readers agree? Let us know below.