Could the Samsung Galaxy S10 also have an active screen above the front camera?


22, 2019

We reported earlier that Meizo may be preparing a device with an in-display front facing camera which does not interfere with the overlying screen, but Samsung may have a trick of their own up their sleeves.

Samsung has filed a patent with WIPO for an ‘Electronic device having display for a device with a punch hole camera which nevertheless is able to display graphics on the overlying glass.

This would be achieved by adding a secondary display element over the camera with a lower resolution, which can presumably be switched off when the camera is not in use.

Samsung imagines all kinds of uses for this tiny secondary display.

Samsung believes it can be used as a notification light, heartbeat sensor or even a physical shutter, and be used in conjunction with the ring around the camera, as we have seen already with the Samsung Galaxy A8s.

The patent dates from early last year and was published on January 16, 2019, suggesting there is a small chance the technology could show up on the soon to be announced Samsung Galaxy S10 range, and if not, on the future Note 10.

The patent can be seen here.

Via LetsGoDigital

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