Could the new Windows Mobile be based on Windows 7?



WMExperts, just pointed us to an interesting article at The article was composed mostly because of the leakage of the Windows 7 new beta build. Don’t get confused though, Windows 7 is the new computer operating system and not the expected Windows Mobile 7 for mobile devices.

Well, Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies, seems to disagree with the above statement, as while expressing his views for the new Windows 7 beta in the article, he made it pretty clear that he expects Microsoft to base the next Windows Mobile OS on the upcoming Windows 7 core.

Quoting the article:

Kay thinks Microsoft may actually be looking to take a page from Apple’s book and make its OS small enough to work in a mobile device. Windows Mobile has had trouble in the marketplace, especially in the face of the iPhone’s overwhelming success.

It would fit with Microsoft’s new vision of client computing, he added. “As the concept of client computing gets amorphous and broader in definition, what you want is an OS that can play on any client. That would be the ideal case.”

“They haven’t said overtly they are going to do that,” Kay said.

Still, it would not be unprecedented for Microsoft to bring its operating system to a new platform: The Zune uses a modified version of Windows CE and the Xbox uses Windows APIs.

The thoughts of Mr. Kay, although they sound very fascinating they still are pure speculations. Whether, Microsoft will choose to discard all the years of development they put on Windows CE, is yet to be definitive, and according to WMExperts it wouldn’t be the wisest move.

What is certain though, is that Roger Kay gave the Windows Mobile community an intriguing conversation topic, so go ahead and post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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