Could the Bing iPad app be a precursor to the Windows 8 tablet UX?

I say yes but first I have rant a little.

Microsoft quietly released the Bing app for the iPad which as you can see from the review on the video above by Chris Pirillo, and a consensus of people who have tried it out on the internet, they have all concluded that it is fantastic app. I know it has been said that Microsoft is a software company first and they have to make software available for other platforms, fair enough but, what is the value proposition of staying with Microsoft products when their best apps are not available on their own native platform?

Take an example of the above Bing app for the iPad, if Microsoft’s interim answer to the iPad are the various slates like the HP slate, where  is similar Bing app for Windows based tablets. Is that asking too much? I bet our readers outside the US would also like to know, will any of these features ever make it to their territories?

Oh well! back to the main point.

The interface for the Bing iPad app is well thought out and flows naturally. What is even more interesting is that they did not just scale up the already excellent Bing app for the iPhone. Instead, they built it from the ground up specifically for a slate/tablet form factor. I can’t wait to see how they will transform the hubs in Windows Phone 7 to work in a slate format!  I also love the absence of icons and instead tiles are used through out. If this is any indication for what Windows 8 will look like, 2012 cannot come soon enough!

I hope they will incorporate other technologies like the Microsoft Labs Pivot (some of its elements appear in the image search) which excels at combing through large sets of data. Add to that,they should make it possible to save  and sync the searches and favorites to One Note and Sky Drive and finally, work seamlessly with Office Web Apps ( and the Windows Live Essentials programs. It will for all intents and purposes, cover a majority of the applications that most  people use on the computers excluding playing music and games.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was quoted saying that the next version of Windows will be “the riskiest bet”  if this provides a glimpse of what is in store, I like it a lot! I just hope that they do a good job creating awareness and support it with a great marketing push to overcome the de facto leader in the field Apple, with the iPad, and to a lesser extent Google, with the Android Honeycomb based tablets.


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