PAX East, the gaming festival held annually in Boston, Massachusetts, is almost upon us. In the run up to the event, Gearbox have posted a little teaser on their Twitter that appears to hint at something Borderlands related.

The teaser is simply the ‘suspicious eyes’ emoji complete with an image of a road sign that says “Boston”. The sign has been vandalised, with the words “MARCH 28” and “MA” spray painted onto it.

The reason the teaser appears to be hinting at Borderlands is mostly due to the similar cel-shaded art style which Borderlands is so known for. It’s also because the sign appears to be located on the planet Pandora, the main location in the Borderlands series, which has a heavy desert climate.

Naturally, the most obvious answer here is that it’s pointing almost directly to the date and location of Gearbox’s showcase at PAX East. The Gearbox showcase is located in the main theatre and scheduled for 2pm until 3pm EDT on the 28th.

The description of the showcase promises “never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises” and, as all signs currently point to Borderlands, it can be assumed that there’s going to be something related to the series there, and that ‘something’ may be potentially a new title.

In the upper right corner of the image, there’s a partially cut-off number 3. This is the strongest hint that a new game could be coming, especially as Borderlands 3 would be the next chronological entry in the main series.

Of course, this could all just be some misdirection from Gearbox. It could be that the Game Of The Year edition of Borderlands is now available on the modern generation of consoles or it could be the long-rumoured Borderlands Remaster. It could even be a mobile game, although that’s highly unlikely*.

PAX East is set to run from March 28th until March 31st.

Sources: Gearbox on Twitter and the PAX East website.

*this author promises to eat her words if Borderlands Mobile becomes a thing.