Cortana will soon save where you left off last time so you can start working back easily

Microsoft has been working hard to sync your work across your devices. This year at Build, Microsoft announced a bunch of new features which would allow users to sync their work across devices and pick up where they left last time.

With Timeline, Microsoft has managed to make sure you have access to previous data of the things you worked on and what apps you opened. Now the company is taking a step forward and adding the same feature to Cortana as well. With the upcoming Windows Insider Build, Microsoft will let Cortana suggest apps that a user worked on and this data will be customized using various inputs like frequency. This will make sure that Cortana doesn’t suggest you something that you opened once but will suggest you things you usually do or apps you usually open.

We don’t have word on when it will be available but the team is working hard to push new builds as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will see this feature soon in the upcoming Builds and will make it to the public with next Windows release.