Cortana will now pick up reminders from your email, warn of oddly timed appointments

cortana reminders

It Microsoft’s latest update to their digital personal assistant Cortana has added two new features.

The first is Cortana’s new ability to detect commitments you have made in email e.g. “I will get back to you by 5 pm.” and prompt you to add a reminder card to Cortana.

The feature was developed with Microsoft Research and works via local scanning of your email, meaning no data gets sent to Microsoft until you set up the reminder.

You can now use Cortana to request an Uber, assist with meeting prep, track flights or packages and set a location-based reminder and much more.

The second feature is to detect meeting requests outside your usual hours and proactively warn you about them.

For example if you get a meeting request come through for 7pm, Cortana will alert you that you have a meeting outside of your regular times so that you can take action quickly to move it to a better time. The same for last minute meetings – say it’s 8pm and your boss has sent you an urgent meeting request for 7am the next day – Cortana will alert you that there’s a meeting that may need your attention, so you can adjust your alarm and morning routine accordingly and stay on top of your day.

The feature is will initially only be available on the Insider build of Windows 10 and in USA and UK, and will eventually come to other platforms and locations.

See a video demo of the feature below.

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