Cortana will come to Portuguese in 2016


Cortana is one of the headline features of Windows Phone, but in its fullest form is only available in very few regions, and is completely unavailable in most parts of the world.

Microsoft is however relying on Cortana to be a major feature and selling point of both Windows phone and desktop, and is working hard to bring it to more areas.

At the Build Tour in São Paulo, Brazil Microsoft revealed that they are planning to bring Cortana to Brazil “in a very aggressive way” but only in 2016.

At the event they said:

“We received approximately 483 tweets asking about Cortana in Brazil.”

“The development of Cortana, obviously as you can imagine, is a complex development. It includes both the speech recognition part, which is probably the most difficult for us to have variations in age, accent, if the person is with cold or flu, hoarse. All this has to be taken into consideration in the algorithm. And we have the text-to-speech, which is to transform text into speech to sound natural. There is a whole study on deconstructing the language in terms of phonemes, how to combine them in a way that sounds natural and don’t get a robotic voice. What we have to say on this subject is: Cortana is under development in Portuguese and Microsoft intends to expand Cortana languages in a very aggressive way on  2016”

It appears clear that bringing Cortana to other regions is rather a big task, but given the size of the Brazilian market for Windows Phone (second largest in the world) we hope Microsoft is working as fast as possible to make it happen and make their Windows Phone offerings there as competitive as possible with other mobile operating systems.

Thanks Vitor for the tip and transcript.

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