Cortana trails in accuracy and user satisfaction in detailed study


Experts-Exchange have given the 3 major virtual assistants a good run down to see which one is top dog with consumers.

They pitted Google Now, Siri and Cortana against each other in a series of test questions, using a variety of users, and ranked them in terms of accuracy and user satisfaction.

Unfortunately for Windows and Windows Phone users they found Cortana came last in both accuracy and user satisfaction, making double the errors of Google now and 3 times that of Siri, understandably leaving many users dissatisfied.

Some of Cortana’s failings were basic, such as lacking a good answer for how many calories there is in a muffin, and as the youngest virtual assistant we hope Microsoft continue to improve her features going forward.

Expert-Exchange comments.

The survey results are pretty much unanimous: Siri is the favorite virtual assistant. When Apple introduced Siri in 2011, her AI capabilities seemed like something from the future. However, her ability to compete a variety of commands with accuracy has led her to receive the highest rankings from our survey respondents.

Of course, since Android users were excluded from Siri’s audience, the debut of Google Now in 2012 earned it a fanbase that saw its distinct advantages over Siri One – including the ability to activate Google Now hands-free with a voice command, “Okay, Google.” According to our survey, though, it still has some catching up to do.

While Cortana came in third place, she’s still relatively new to the virtual assistant landscape, launching in 2014, and her capabilities remain impressive.

Siri might have won this at this time, but with incredible advances in voice recognition and AI technology, a 81% user satisfaction rating might not be enough to hold onto that title for long.

Are our readers satisfied with Cortana? Let us know below.

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