Cortana on Android – is it any good?


Earlier today, Cortana for Android leaked on the internet. Microsoft announced that the personal assistant will be making its way to Android, as well as iOS this year. Microsoft has already released Cortana for Android as a beta today, which is only available for users in the United States. I tried out Cortana on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge today – so is it any good?

Before you skip to the comment section and start complaining that this is a click bait article – let me tell you the answer to the question already: mostly, Cortana is pretty good on Android – just like it’s on Windows 10.

The Good

Mostly, Cortana is pretty good on Android. The personal assistant’s user interface looks just like it does on Windows 10. From the pill switches to the buttons, everything (mostly) will be familiar to you if you’ve been using Windows 10 and to be honest, this is one of the main reasons why Microsoft is releasing Cortana – one of the major features of Windows to other platforms. Microsoft wants to offer users a similar user experience across all the platforms and Cortana is probably the best example for that right now.


Cortana on Android also syncs all of your reminder and interests across all of your devices, which is a very nice feature in my opinion. This means, if you add a new reminder on your Windows 10 computer and open up Cortana on your Android device, you’ll be able to see the same reminder there as well.  Alongside this basic features, Cortana on Android comes with all the commands that are available on Windows 10. You can try commands such as “What’s the weather like?”, “Who’s your father?”, “What’s up?”, “Tell me a joke”, etc.

To be honest, Cortana on Android is very good when it comes to features. It has all the features that are available on Windows 10, and overall, it’s pretty good.

The Bad

This is when things start to get bad. Cortana on Android has quite a lot of rough edges. One of the main issues I had with Cortana on Android is that I couldn’t get it to recognize my voice – or any other voice sometimes. I keep screaming at her and try to get her to respond, but she just decides to stop working randomly. Is there any fix for this? Yes, there is one – just restart the app. It seems like, Cortana on Android isn’t really good at responding as it is on Windows. For example, if you ask her to “sing a song”, it will just keep bouncing and won’t sing a song at all.


It’s worth noting that Cortana on Android is missing a really nice feature – the ability to invoke Cortana hands-free by saying “Hey Cortana”, which is kinda disappointing but as Microsoft said previously, this feature requires some “special integration” with a device’s microphone – which is why it’s exclusive to Windows Mobile and Windows 10.

So that’s all the good and bad things about Cortana on Android. It’s worth noting that the app is still in beta, and it’ll improve over the coming weeks. It’ll be  interesting to see if Microsoft will be adding some features that are exclusive to Windows Mobile and Windows 10 in the near future. Until then, discuss what you think of Cortana on Android  in the comment section below!