Cortana now automatically reminds you of the commitments you make in your emails on Windows 10

Cortana is getting a new Suggested Reminders feature in Windows 10. The new Suggested Reminders feature will automatically remind you of the things you have promised to do in your emails. For instance, if you say “I’ll send you the Neon presentation by Friday”, Cortana will automatically be able to detect that and remind you to send the presentation on Friday.

Suggested Reminders achieves this by using Microsoft Research’s machine learning technology, but if you don’t want Cortana to be able to read your emails, you can easily disable this feature from Cortana’s settings.

Microsoft has even released a very short video to show off the new feature, which you can watch below:

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A similar feature has been available in the Cortana in the past, in which Cortana was automatically able to detect the commitments you make in your emails and suggest reminders. However, the big difference here with the new Suggested Reminders feature is that Cortana will now automatically remind you — previously, it showed you reminders suggestions and it would only remind you if you asked Cortana to create a reminder from that suggestion.

Cortana’s new Suggested Reminders feature is rolling out to Windows 10 users in the United States, and it will also be coming to users on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. The company announced that it is making Cortana’s ability to identify commitments in emails more accurate with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.