Cortana is coming to new markets in the coming months

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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the company is bringing Cortana to France, Italy, Germany and Spain with Windows 10. Today, the company has just announced that the personal assistant will be making its way to few other markets in the “coming months”. If you live in Japan, Australia, Canada, or India, you’ll be able to use the personal assistant via the Windows Insider program. Microsoft has also stated that the personal assistant will make its way to Insiders in Brazil and Mexico, and in French in Canada later this year.

Microsoft has also released a new Windows 10 promotional video featuring Cortana:

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It isn’t yet clear if the company will be bringing Cortana to other countries sometime soon. However, as Microsoft has finally started bringing Cortana to new countries, don’t be surprised if Cortana says “Hi” to you sometime next year.

If you live in one of the countries where Cortana will be available in the next coming months, are you excited to try it out? Discuss in the comment section below!

Source: Windows Blogs

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