Cortana in Windows 10 Build 10041 not working? Here’s how to fix it!


Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10041 last week. Build 10041 introduces a handful of UI changes and some new features. Alongside these new improvements and additions, Microsoft has also added support for some other language to Cortana, including Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English (UK). However, some users have reported that Cortana isn’t enabled on their Windows 10 Build 10041 PC. As usual, Microsoft has shared a workaround to fix this issue. Here’s how to enable Cortana:

  1. Go to Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language
    • Check the Country or region setting
    • Check the Windows display language (set as default) setting
  2. Then go to Settings > System > Speech
    • Check the Spoken language setting

If you follow the above steps, Cortana should now be enabled for you. If it doesn’t though, make sure to visit the Microsoft Community here for help from Microsoft.