Cortana, Hyperlapse, OneNote And Skype Mods Will Be Available On Cyanogen OS


23, 2016

Cyanogen OS Microsoft Mods

At Mobile World Congress, Cyanogen announced the launch of MOD, an integrated mobile platform for OEMs and MNOs that will allow them to integrate 3rd party apps natively into the mobile operating system. As we already know, Microsoft is a partner of Cyanogen and they have worked together to create four new mods that users will be able to install on their Cyanogen Android device. Read about the Microsoft mods below.

Skype mod:

Skype mod

The Skype mod is integrated directly into the native dialer, so searching for Skype contacts and viewing your Skype call history has never been easier. You can even seamlessly upgrade to a Skype video call directly from an ongoing phone call.

Cortana mod:

Cortana mod

The Cortana mod is deeply integrated into Cyanogen OS, allowing you to do everything from setting reminders and scheduling meetings, to calling and texting friends—but more importantly… is your hair on point? Just ask Cortana to take a selfie, and she’ll switch to the camera app and start a countdown timer immediately. Cortana helps you do more with hands-free multitasking.

OneNote mod:

Onenote mod

Take notes simply and intuitively anytime—from anywhere in the OS. The OneNote mod creates entry points throughout the OS, from the dialer to the browser and beyond. There’s even a dedicated quick settings tile so you can jot down a quick note anytime.

Hyperlapse mod:

Hyperlapse mod

Simply open the native camera app, pull up the mode switcher and select Hyperlapse. Now you can shoot, edit, and share Hyperlapse videos without ever needing to downlaod a special app.

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