Cortana gets LinkedIn integration on Windows 10


Microsoft has just added LinkedIn integration for Cortana on Windows 10. With the latest LinkedIn integration, Windows 10 users will be able to get rich data about their contacts using LinkedIn right on Cortana. By connecting your LinkedIn account to Cortana, you will be able to access your LinkedIn contacts’ photos, job role and more data on Cortana.

With LinkedIn integration on Cortana, Microsoft is also connecting LinkedIn profiles into reminders. For examples, if you set a reminder for a meeting, Cortana will be able to show the details about the other attendees on the event, which is also quite useful.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft will probably add integrations for other services for Cortana in the near-future as Cortana isn’t entirely tied to Windows 10. Nonetheless, if you don’t see the new feature just yet, don’t fret as the company has just started rolling out the update today.

If you are a LinkedIn user, what do you think of the latest Cortana integration on Windows 10? Discuss in the comment section below.

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