Cortana for Android updated with “new reminder widget”


26, 2017

Microsoft posted an updated for the Cortana for Android beta app, taking it to version 2.9.7.

According to the changelog, the update, brings the following improvements:

  •  New reminder widget
  • Default assistant function optimized

On review, the widget appears to be the same as before, so it’s not clear what is changed. It is however very clear that Microsoft is campaigning very aggressively to become the default voice assistant on your Android phone.

Of note, despite Microsoft’s efforts and large Windows 10 installed base, less than 5 million users have installed Cortana for Android, making it a still minor venture.

If you are part of Cortana’s beta testing program, you can get the latest improvements here — if not, you can sign-up for the beta testing program here. 

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