Cortana for Android updated with improved widgets, more



Microsoft posted an updated for the Cortana for Android beta app, taking it to version 2.9.5.

According to the changelog, the update, Cortana 2.9.5  brings the following improvements:

  • Open Outlook app for Suggested Reminders.
  • Improved Smart Suggestions!
  • Improved widgets!
  • Improved History View!

The app now appears a lot more aggressive about suggesting you set it as the default voice assistant (see how to here), and will now actively guide users through the process.

On reviewing the changelog, the widgets do not appear markedly improved from previously. Currently, Cortana only offers two – one for setting and viewing reminders, and the other for doing voice commands. Presumably, the improvements are related to reliability rather than feature improvements.

If you are part of Cortana’s beta testing program, you can get the latest improvements here — if not, you can sign-up for the beta testing program here. 

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