At Ignite 2020 today Microsoft announced that their long-promised spread of Cortana to Microsoft’s productivity apps are arriving soon.

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Microsoft Teams displays

Cortana voice assistance is becoming generally available in Microsoft Teams displays, a new category of all-in-one dedicated Teams devices, to offer hands-free experiences to join a meeting, make a call, send chat messages, share files and more.  This feature is bcoming increasingly important due to the hygiene-related requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Availability is starting in September in English in the United States and in the coming months in English in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and India. Cortana voice assistance will also be introduced later this year in Microsoft Teams Rooms devices  to offer touchless experiences to join and end meetings in shared spaces  in English in the United States.

Cortana Daily Briefing email

A daily briefing email from Cortana became available for Microsoft 365 Enterprise users in English starting in September and is getting updated in the coming months to streamline meeting preparation, integrate with Microsoft To Do, support planning for the week ahead and offer specialized insights for people managers seeking to strengthen connections with their team.

Play My Emails

Play My Emails, the Outlook mobile experience that lets you listen and respond to what’s new in your inbox hands-free using Cortana, will start rolling out in the coming months in English in Australia, Canada, the  United Kingdom and India. The feature is already available in Outlook for iOS and Android in English in the United States. With updates this month to Outlook for iOS in English in the United States, users can interact with their inbox while their phone is in their pocket, initiate a call with the sender of an email to move the conversation forward in real time, play emails from a specific person, time or topic, and connect multiple eligible accounts to the experience.

Cortana in Windows 10

The original home of Cortana, Cortana in Windows 10, is receiving a series of updates starting in September to support searching for documents and composing quick emails in English in the United States. In addition, the app can now be invoked hands-free using the wake word in English in the United States and the United Kingdom. Updates are coming early next year to streamline meeting preparation.

Learn more about this update here.