Deal Alert: $30 Off on CORSAIR K100 Gaming Keyboard

February 16, 2022

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CORSAIR K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
CORSAIR K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K100 is a worthy consideration for those planning to replace their gaming keyboards. Its reduced price on Best Buy will save you $30, and its perfectly fashioned body will bring comfort to you during hour-long games. Most of all, it holds incredible features that can give you an extra advantage when playing games. 

It presents a combination of durable aluminum frame design, dynamic per-key RGB backlighting, and a 44-zone three-sided LightEdge. Inside, it hides the CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology that will let you enjoy unrivaled speed and power during games. This tech can deliver up to 4x faster throughput with native 4,000Hz hyper-polling and 4,000Hz key scanning while simultaneously driving up to 20-layer lighting effects.

Meanwhile, the CORSAIR iCUE software enables vivid dynamic RGB lighting control, key remaps and macro programming and full-system lighting synchronization across all iCUE-compatible CORSAIR devices. The keyboard also has an 8 MB of onboard storage that lets you save up to 200 onboard profiles with custom macros, settings, and custom RGB lighting effects with up to 20 lighting layers.

Further, the CORSAIR OPX RGB optical-mechanical key switches (guaranteed for 150 million keypresses) offer hyper-fast 1.0 mm actuation distance and smooth linear travel. Thanks to AXON housed in durable double-shot PBT keycaps, they also register key presses up to 4x faster than standard mechanical gaming keyboards. Additionally, the endlessly versatile iCUE control wheel lets you perform multiple functions efficiently, including the controls for backlighting, media jogging, and more. Even better, you can program it using the CORSAIR iCUE software to be a handy tool in games and applications. You can also do the same to the six dedicated macro keys that can execute complex macros and key remaps or streaming commands via Elgato Stream Deck software. Adding to its convenience is the dedicated media keys and volume roller. 

As for CORSAIR K100’s build, it serves comfort, ergonomics, and durability. The precision-molded keycap set with a standard bottom row layout resists wear and fading, with 1.5 mm thickness for rigid stability. On the other hand, a magnetic detachable memory foam palm rest offers the comfort of playing for hours. It easily slides into place, so you can use and remove it whenever you please. Lastly, the keyboard provides convenient access to an additional USB device such as a mouse or headset, with tidy cable routing under it.

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