Correction: AT&T $99 WP7 offer will not be permanent

We previously brought you news of carrier AT&T slashing the prices of the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus to $99 for US users, with speculation that this new low price point might be a permanent state of affairs.

However, eagle-eyed WMPoweruser reader Saad Hashmi, has noticed that this is in fact to be a limited-time offer, with the Windows Phone 7 home page mentioning it as a limited New Year offer.

It’s worth mentioning that this is far from the only sub-$100 WP7 deal – Costco are currently offering WP7 devices for $50, while Amazon Wireless currently has the Focus, Quantum for a mere $0.01US – plus, of course, contract charges. (Thanks to commenters ScamHarbor and lkl for bringing this to our attention.)