Coronavirus outbreak leads to Taipei Game Show cancellation


31, 2020

Taiwan’s annual Taipei Game Show has been cancelled due to the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus.

The highly publicised virus, which began in Wuhan, China, has begun spreading throughout the world. With the virus currently claiming 213 lives, with many more infected, many companies and events are closing down to limit infection.

Originally, the official Taipei Game Show Twitter account revealed a list of guidelines that attendees would have to abide by to be allowed entry into the event.

“To cope with the latest outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, Taipei Game Show is implementing a series of epidemic preventions according to the guidelines provided by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC),” revealed the event.

These rules would have included mandatory facemasks and other preventive measures.

However, mere hours after the announcement of compulsory health guidelines broke, the event was declared cancelled instead.

“W.H.O. has declared global emergency as Wuhan coronavirus spreads,” the Twitter account said. “We have decided to postpone 2020 Taipei Game Show to this summer. Details will be announced in the upcoming days.

Considering mass gatherings like Taipei Game Show increase the chance of cluster infections, the organizing committee has decided to steer away from such unthinkable risks. We sincerely ask for exhibitors’ understanding of such a major decision. The detail of the execution on the postponement will be carefully discussed and will be announced in the upcoming days.”

Those who were originally going to attend the gaming event will have to wait until a new date is announced.

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