Coreplayer finally to get finger-friendly

by Surur
August 23, 2009

coreplayernew Coreplayer for Windows Mobile (2007)   vs Coreplayer for iPhone (2008)

CoreCodec is pretty famous for over-promising and under-delivering, but hopefully there latest undertaking will come to fruition.

According to a forum post by their lead developer, CoreCodec 2.0 for Windows Mobile is finally in the offing, and will finally offer a user interface that wont make you tear your hair out.  The current iteration is now almost 2 years old, and has not seen any major improvement since then, but will now see a much needed “whole new layer of usability”.

Also new is a rather ominous Channels system which will make functionality like Youtube and Orb dependent on a Core account.  Promised as a “mashup of Steam Vs. Pandora Vs. Apple Account,” it is more likely to be an anti-piracy measure tying the software ever closer to their web service.  CoreCodec famously never offered a trial version of their very expensive software for this very reason.

The software will work without the account, but will lack features like:

– Youtube
– the ability to download any plug-ins (upnp, dlna, remote control, etc.)
save player settings
– list any Web Guide content
– Save/Share/Post Benchmark results
– Utilize their services (URL shortener, picture/text sharing) etc.

Read more about the latest CorePlayer developments here.


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