CoPilot® Live™ mobile navigation adds Local Search as standard

Press Release: Leading mobile GPS navigation developer ALK Technologies has announced that its CoPilot® Live™ v8 GPS navigation mobile app will now include integral access to local Internet search as standard across all supported smartphone platforms.

Previously available as a premium option, CoPilot Live v8’s integrated access to local search enables users to quickly and easily find whatever they are looking for, whether it’s the nearest service, product, brand or shop. Search results are displayed in the on-screen map or as a list. Make your choice and CoPilot Live will guide you right there, with on-screen and spoken turn-by-turn directions.

Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director at ALK Technologies said "Smartphone-based navigation offers a significant advantage over non-connected dedicated systems by providing seamless access to useful real-time information about your journey or location. With fully integrated local search, all CoPilot Live v8 customers can now use their phone’s mobile Internet connection to find the places they need and be guided straight there.

Live Local Search is included as standard within CoPilot Live v8 navigation for Android and Windows Mobile, and as a free upgrade for existing customers.

Live Local Search is available in CoPilot Live in USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands.

More at ALK here.