Cool Windows Phone 7 app provides unique tool for self-promotion



Author Surur // in News

The above application promoting the music of Deidrey Francois, presents an interesting new tool for artists to get their music out there without needing the complications of a contract with a big record producer.

While these Album apps are quite common on the iPhone, on the Windows Phone 7 they present a unique opportunity for artists, as a marketplace search mixes results together for music and applications (probably intentionally) meaning an application by an unsigned artist will be listed right next to the latest Lady Gaga track, and possibly offer a better experience due to being an application rather than album. Also because applications can register their content with the Music and Video hub, having an app play your music does not mean the user experience will be necessarily be much different from any other mp3.

Do our readers agree that this is a revolutionary opportunity, or are you concerned about marketplace being polluted with applications of little utility? Let us know below.

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