Cool portable charger for your 1230 mAh smartphone

31VoFMcWbyL__SS400_ I stumbled across this cool portable charger while reading one of my favourite smartphone sites.

The Phillips SCM7880 solves one of the main problems involved with having an extra battery bank for your mobile gadgets – keeping that battery itself charged.

The SCM7880 works as a charger itself, so you can happily leave it plugged in most of the time, serving that duty, where it will output power via the USB port at the bottom.

However when you are expecting a long day away from a power plug you can simply fold the power prongs and take the charger with you, where it’s extra 1000 mAh will bring you close to a full second charge to your device.

While there are other devices with higher capacity, having an empty extra battery is worse than useless, and usefully, when you do actually get to a power outlet, you will have your charger right there with you also.

The charger is selling for a ridiculous £58.99 on Phillip’s site, but a much more reasonable £20.49 at Amazon here.