Cool new graphical lock screen for the Samsung Omnia 2

[flv: 620 380]

In Korea, where the Samsung Omnia 2 is a pretty big deal, Prompt has developed some pretty cool graphical lock screens for the device.

The software comes with 4 interfaces, and only works on the Omnia 2.

It features:

  • The device sensor senses the movement of the device and changes the background accordingly.
  • The 3D background also changes according to the time of the day.
  • By simply tilting the device back, the screen shows missed calls, messages, or mail information received while it is locked.
  • When the user touches the screen, animation changes according to the applied theme.
  • Touching the screen long enough unlocks the device.

The video above shows the Yellow man, but 3 further screens, including Butterfly and Hummingbird are available.

To add some more fun to your Omnia 2 visit WMSkins here for the download links.