Cool ideas for Windows Phone 8.1/WP9 Concept UI


24, 2013

Wonder what Windows Phone 8.1 (blue) or Windows Phone 9 will bring? Though this is not official, these are some pretty cool gestures and ideas that I think should be strongly considered by Microsoft.

One issue that has seem to be in question is the screen size. If Microsoft was to make their current devices upgradeable this could give rise to some problems. Take the Nokia Lumia 925 for example, it would be hard to fit all the gestures/texts/options available onto its 4.5? screen, Otherwise these ideas are perfect.

Youtube user, Christian Del Rosario has decided to take it upon himself to put together this video showing “elements that windows phone users were asking and features present in windows 8.0/8.1.” Check out the list of features and the video below:


  • Flexible OS
  • New Start screen
  • Interactive live tiles
  • Folders
  • All apps view
  • Integrated search
  • Voice search
  • volume profile
  • New Gestures
  • More gestures
  • Task manager
  • Quick launch
  • Downloads hub
  • Apps portrait/landscape view
  • Full Notification center




Pretty awesome right? Hopefully Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore sees this and decides to implement some of the features into the upcoming updates.

Source:MNBReddit via:WPP

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