CooKie’s Home Tab updated to version 1.85

Co0kie's Home Tab updated The great Sense UI mod, Cookie Monster’s Co0kie’s Home Tab has been updated to version 1.85, bringing a host of improvements and new features.

The change log includes:
-[new] option for scrolling appointment and task lists
-[new] task improvements: counters, color options, option to display both start and due date
-[new] high quality wallpapers
-[new] taskbar and softkeybar skinning
-[new] wallpaper control quick links: previous, next, random wallpaper
-[new] compatible with manila_home 2016 (with manila_core 2015)
-[new] addon cab: alternative lockscreen for WM6.1 users (read the notes below)
-[new][dev] the analog clock has it’s own mode9 and script file (mode9: 1E1A6CCD_manila, lua: 1EC5924B_manila)
-[change] weather animation on the lockscreen now plays even if weather is off on the home tab
-[change] music player (or any element) will no longer be loaded on startup if it’s not visible on any layout
-[fixed] analog clock hand alignment (thanks to rat_2665)
-[fixed] wallpaper selection on WM6.1
-[fixed] VGA: all tabs wallpaper, add toggle menu, titlebar disappears
-[fixed] photos tab picture position for both VGA and WVGA
-[fixed] clock highlight getting stuck
-[fixed] tab change side swipe not responding after unlock
-[fixed] analog clock resize button shows in non-edit mode
-[fixed] quick links disappear in landscape
-[fixed] appointments/tasks slim header autohide
-[fixed] previous track button disabled image on manila 19xx (dev note: for skinned players 59B6BB1D_manila needs to be copied and renamed to 10B1B92F_manila)
-[fixed] white wallpaper when rotating with hdwall
-[fixed] test appointments don’t show up sometimes
-[fixed] tasks sorting and range
-[fixed] if home menu was open when locking the unlock slider would be missing
-[fixed] slider bar appears on white menus with no tabs
-[fixed] phone toggle doesn’t turn off if data was connected
-[fixed] weather animation freezes on comm switch
-[fixed] music info not updating
-[fixed] lockscreen bottom bar bug
-[fixed] uninstall problem on some ROMs

If you are experiencing any of these bugs or want to add a new dimension to your smartphone use, download the latest cab from this XDA-Developers thread here.