Controversy rages over Oppo Find N’s crease


15, 2021

Oppo is launching their Find N foldable today, and the device is being touted as creaseless, especially when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This is reportedly due to Oppo using a more advanced hinge mechanism and some modifications to the Samsung-supplied screen.

The company’s water-drop hinge is designed in such a way that the crease is up to 80% less noticeable compared with other devices, according to TUV. When folded, you won’t see any gaps between displays, offering you a more integrated look. The design also ensures the protection of the inner display from scratches.

Some commentators have supported that view, such as reliable leaker Ice Universe who posted this picture below:

Others have however disagreed, with many reviewers showing that it all comes down to angles in the end.

Others are also noting that it is a bit too early to judge the long-term appearance of the crease on the Oppo Find N, particularly as the device has just launched. Those who have had hands-on with both notes a noticeable improvement with the Find’s crease palpably more shallow.

What do our readers think? Does Samsung have some work to do, or is Oppo claiming more than they can deliver? Let us know below.

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