Control is free on the Epic Games Store


10, 2021

Remedy’s gorgeous supernatural third-person adventure Control is the latest free game you can claim on the Epic Games Store.

Control and Genshin impact are both free now on the Epic Games Store so what are you waiting for! You’ve got until June 17th at 4 PM BST to claim both the games before Hell is other demons and Overcooked! 2 take their place.

When Lewis reviewed Control, he thought it was “one of Remedy’s best” with a story that is “a true masterclass in storytelling and style,” so it’s definitely worth picking up, especially if you can play it with ray tracing enabled extra incredible visuals. 

This is undoubtedly another great addition to the long list of free games that Epic Games has offered, but they don’t come without cost somewhere. Thanks to the Epic vs Apple lawsuit, we know that they’ve spent over $11 million on these free games deals, and that was just until September 2019.

If you don’t want to use the Epic Games Store, however, Control is also available on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Console. Elsewhere you’ll, unfortunately, have to spend money, but even then the game is still well worth the cost.

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