Continuum for phones is for the mobile-only generation

I believe the wide consensus of our readers is that Continuum for phones is a nice feature, but that its lacking an audience that would appreciate it, with most of us turning to the desktop or laptop to get any real work done.

I believe however there is group of users who would actually love the feature, if of course they can be convinced to buy a Windows phone in the first instance.

This group, from 12 to 20, grew up with smartphones, and they find them an easier way of getting things done. They hardly ever use their laptop, and would even try (awkward) ways of getting work done on their phone rather than switch on their PC. Often they do not even know how to use a PC properly, because they are mobile first and only.

I suspect many of our readers know this generation – their phone constantly runs out of power because its glued to their hand and every minutia is captured and shared, briefly, on Snapchat. They are often our younger brothers and sisters, or our teen children.

This generation would appreciate having a way of actually having ALL of their work (usually school assignments and such) done on their phone. They probably already have an HD TV in their rooms, and definitely use their phone to consume their media.

Of course this group also love their communication apps, and this is where Windows phones have an issue. If Microsoft is however able to overcome this, and use clever marketing, they may be able to offer an unique selling point which other platforms are just not able to match.

Do our readers agree?