Update Adds Support For Microsoft Band Sensor Data And More


7, 2015

Microsoft Band Connects, a Microsoft open source project is aimed at helping developers who want to get started experiencing  Azure IoT services now to do near real data analytics, apply Machine Learning experiments and more to data coming from real sensors.

The project now supports even more sensor data types, including sound and other data from Microsoft Band. Website examples are also now more flexible and dynamic.

New Windows Phone apps were also added to the project, so anyone with a Windows Phone or a simple maker or sensor board can try out Azure services to create an end-to-end, Internet of Things solution.

The recent updates to the projects include the following:

  • Data format update: we propose a schema for the data sent by devices encapsulated in a JSON message that allows for users to easily add new types of data to the scenario. The key upgrade here from the previous version is making the JSON string self-describing to the website.
  • AzurePrep tool: the tool to setup the Azure services has been drastically updated and makes it even easier to setup Azure Event Hubs
  • CreateWebConfig tool: split off from AzurePrep, this tool allows you to create (or recreate) the web.config file that the sample Azure web site uses to access the data sent to your event hub.
  • Raspberry Pi gateway sample enhancements: lots of new code has been added to the gateway sample running a C# service on top of Mono. You can now do hot plug/unplug of any sensor connected via serial port to the Pi gateway, as well as connect sensors over USB or HTTP/REST. We have added code for a Wensn digital sound level meter which uses the USB interface as an example. . We also have made the architecture of the gateway more flexible, with a “connectors” model so that new sensors can be added more easily. You can see several new sensor examples on GitHub.
  • Website example enhancements : in order to rapidly see real time data and alerts from Azure services, offers a web site example. The Site has been updated to be more flexible and dynamic. If you connect a new device sending new type of data to Azure, provided you use the prescribed JSON schema, a new chart will appear on the site. The stability and performance of this site has also greatly improved.
  • New Windows Phone apps: for those who want to try the Azure services but don’t have a sensor board handy, they can take a look at a couple Windows Phone applications that were added to the project. The first one sends the phone’s sensors data (light, acceleration) or simulated data for temperature and humidity that you can tune using a slider on the phone app. The second one sends the data from a Microsoft Band paired with the Windows Phone. It’s pretty neat to see the charts on the Website moving in real time when you wave your hand, demonstrating how fast you can get the data in Azure using Event Hubs and have Cloud services using that data almost instantaneously.

Read more about it here.

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