Connectivity Tiles – not just yet another app

What sets most apps apart from others is it’s design. Yes, we all want apps to do what they are created for, but why wouldn’t our phones also look good while doing it? There are many apps in the Store that you can use to toggle your connections. But none of them is like this one.

This is what sets Connectivity Tiles app apart from others:QR Code generator
  • unique design, a real eye candy
  • not just minor appearance customizations, a really different ways to express yourself
  • accent color aware tile skin that isn’t just a white icon on an accent color background
  • nicely animated
  • with a little help of a user Airplane mode tile also shows the current status
  • animated help for quick and easy learning
  • fast and fluid

There are 6 tile skins and 4 background options (that is the reason why this app is a bit larger then others), so you don’t have to be stuck with one design. All backgrounds are accent color aware. There is also an accent color aware tile skin which is more than just a white icon on a solid accent color background. It is simple yet attractive using the color of your choice.

What people are saying:

5stars Brilliant little app. Works great and looks great!
5stars Awesome!! 🙂
5stars I like it, beautiful and useful!

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for FREE.