Connecting the dots: Is Amazon making a Windows Phone?

Amazon has a pretty strong Android strategy, with both a software store, the Amazon App Store for Android, an MP3 store for Android and of course the very successful Amazon Kindle Fire, so they would be the last one one would think of when one thinks about the next Windows Phone OEM.

That was why Forbes’s claim that Amazon was working on an 8 megapixel Windows Phone was roundly dismissed in November last year.

To refresh your memory the claim was:

Channel checks suggest the Amazon smartphone will have a 4-inch touch panel display, an 8 mega pixel camera, and adopt a Microsoft operating system.  The phone will probably run on a Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor and Qualcomm’s dual mode 6-series standalone baseband.

However recent events seems to ad some credence to the claim that Amazon and Microsoft are working together.

The first is Microsoft Releasing an Amazon Web Services SDK For Windows Phone and the second is of course Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience at Microsoft’s move to the Amazon Kindle Cross Platform team. According to a tweet from Long Zheng he is not the first Windows Phone team member moving to Amazon either.

What do our readers think? Will there be a big announcement at MWC 2012? Let us know below.