Congress puts forward a new bill to prevent Chinese companies from doing business with the US


17, 2019

Author Anmol // in Android

Just as Huawei thought their problems were getting over, a new bill threatens not only Huawei but all the Chinese companies. Just over two weeks back at the G20 summit, Donald Trump announced that the US is suspending sanctions against Huawei and will allow the company to resume its operations. The Trump administration did mention that Huawei will continue to be on the entity list for now.

Now a group of senators led by Sens. Tom Cotton and Chris Van Hollen introduced a bipartisan bill to prevent the Trump administration from taking Huawei off the entity list. The Entity list prevents companies from engaging in trade with US companies without prior approval from the government.

Huawei isn’t a normal business partner for American companies, it’s a front for the Chinese Communist Party. Our bill reinforces the president’s decision to place Huawei on a technology blacklist. American companies shouldn’t be in the business of selling our enemies the tools they’ll use to spy on Americans.

– Sens. Tom Cotton

If the bill is passed it would not only harm Huawei but will also allow the government to enforce rules on other companies like ZTE, DJI and Hikvision. Senators like Marco Rubio even went ahead to call the recent moves from the administration to allow Huawei a “catastrophic mistake.”

We must make a concerted effort to confront the threat China poses to U.S. national security, intellectual property, and technology. Our bill will prohibit U.S.-based companies from doing business with Huawei until they no longer pose a national security threat.

– Sen. Mitt Romney

Just a couple of days back, we heard rumours that Huawei could be back on track within two weeks but with the new bill in play, it might be a while before Huawei is cleared to operate in the US market.

Via The Verge

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