Confusion and clarification on the end of Bing Maps 3D



.  It started with a post this morning on the Bing Maps blog (well really started last night when Bing Maps developers were alerted to the upcoming changes via email): an announcement on the end of Bing Maps 3D, and an upcoming release of Birds Eye “everywhere”, an AJAX version of Bird’s Eye that will work without Silverlight.  Things got a little out of hand from there, so let’s recap.

Currently, Bing Maps comes in 3 flavors: the “classic” Bing Maps, a new AJAX version powered by Silverlight (which you can reach from the classic view if you have Silverlight installed), and Bing Maps 3D (available from the classic, but not Silverlight version after installing the ActiveX control), a downloadable plugin that runs a 3D version of Bing Maps.  Today’s announcements were twofold, first, that a soon to be released new version of Bing Maps will bring the same enhanced Birds Eye functionality currently offered in the Silverlight version to all Bing Maps users, without any kind of a plugin (Silverlight, ActiveX, or any other), and at scale:

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