Confirmed: Xbox Live Gold coming to Windows Phone 7


20, 2011

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GIGA Tech Gamescom Special - Zu Gast bei Microsoft Xbox Live

DSCF7970So far all Xbox Live users were equal on Windows Phone 7, but as far back at May 2011 when Mango was announced at Mix there was some evidence of an Xbox Live Gold tier also coming to the phone.

Now in this video interview by we have  Peter Orullian, Group Product Manager of Xbox division talking about the feature coming to Mango and revealing that it indeed on the way.

Already in the current release there will be special Xbox Live Gold content in the Spotlight and also special messaging features which will only be available to Xbox Live Gold users.  He mentioned that this will be expanded in the future, but was not ready to reveal what it involved, although we suspect real time multi-player gaming may be involved.

Peter also revealed that Phone/Console “companion scenarios” were still at the lab stage, with nothing planning for release at present, but that this will be coming in the future.

Would our readers pay extra to unlock gaming features in Windows Phone 7? Let us know below.


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