Confirmed: No TomTom for Windows Phone 7 in the offing

A few months ago we had a report that TomTom had no plans for a Windows Phone 7 version, and many readers dismissed it as it come from their customer service department.

Now we have a report from PocketGPSWorld which is much less easy to ignore.

They interviewed TomTom’s Managing Director Corinne Vigreux.  She said she did not view smartphones as real navigation devices, saying they had many compromised and users normally turned to actual dedicated PND’s in the end.

Despite this, the company has a very popular product in the iPhone app store, and PocketGPSWorld asked about expanding to other platforms.

PGPS: The TomTom App has been in the top 10 in the Apple AppStore since it’s release do you have plans to launch on other platforms, in particular Android and Windows Phone?

TT: We are currently working on a version for Android this will be released soon. I cannot give you a specific date yet. For Windows Phone we are not planning to release anything.

From this response I can only conclude TomTom is a pretty lazy company with no vision of being available everywhere on all platforms.  Their product will however be sorely missed, despite the future availability of free voice turn by turn navigation with Windows Phone Mango, due to mature features such as being able to block certain routes,  multi-point routing, multiple point of views for navigation and many other features that wont be showing up on Mango for some time.

Hopefully the company will eventually jump back on board when WP7 hits volume with Nokia, but given that they do not even have an Android app yet this seems rather unlikely.

Read the full interview at PocketGPSWorld here.