Concept: Windows Phone 7 contact page with a dash of history and presence

New people hub

As a follow up from the last concept design for a hybrid unified email hub, I have come up with concept that I think will enhance the individual contacts page. The two additions are a “presence bar” and a history page.

Presence bar

When the user taps on one of their contacts, they are sent to the normal profile page, but this one includes a new addition, a presence bar. The primary function of the bar is to quickly alert the user if their friend’s availability on Windows Live Messenger, Xbox live, Twitter or Foursquare (an interval period since the last entry can be set for the last two in order to approximate whether the contact is online) e.t.c. The four tabs are customizable to take into account what network the friends are on. The tabs will be gray if they are not available, and change to different colors or maybe just have an overlay indicating whether they are busy, away or available in case of IM. I just used icons, but a different design that fits better with the Metro UI could still work.

History tab

With Windows phone 7 ‘s philosophy of trying to save users from having to jump in and out of apps, I think a history tab would be perfect to help in this regard. With it, a user can quickly glance at all the various communications they have recently had with a particular contact and act accordingly. In addition to the list above, there could be tweets, Zune social updates, Xbox live notifications and more. The History could be filtered so that only updates within the last day, week or month appear.

What do you guys think?

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