Concept Twitter App for WP7





We already know that Windows phone 7 will provide a tight integration with social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Windows Live etc but with one exception, and it is a big one; Twitter. Apparently, Twitter changed its policies in regards to how Windows live accessed their APIs therefore in the meantime, we are stuck with relying on a 3rd party app to fill in the void until MS and Twitter work out their differences. The guys at, a Middle East focused blog, came up with a concept for such an app. The UI looks sleek and fits perfectly with the metro concept. I would like to see it move from the concept stage, to a working demo using the latest beta development tools. It reminds me a lot of the MetroTwit desktop app( I personally use this app and highly recommend it) that I would also like to see a WP7 version. Click here for more screenshots of the concept Twitter app.

Thanks to KeyboardP for the link