Concept of Windows 10 for phones shows off some expected features


Last month, Microsoft revealed Windows 10. The company skipped Windows 9 (and Windows 8.1 Update 2) for some unknown reason. Nonetheless, the company has also revealed that the next version of Windows Phone will be Windows 10 for phones. There isn’t much speculation of what’s included on Windows 10 for phones, but we do expect Microsoft bring some huge improvements to the OS.

A new concept created by Moises David Perez Naranjo shows off some great features of what’s expected to come with Windows 10 for phones. First off is Interactive Tiles. Back in April, Microsoft Research showed-off the feature for Windows. Interactive Tiles will allow users to interact with an app without opening it. For example, the music app tile will allow users to play/pause a song. Although it isn’t confirmed if Windows Phone 10 will include the feature, there is a good chance of the company to bring the feature to Windows with Windows 10 (and eventually Windows 10 for phones). However, the concept gives us an idea of how interactive tiles will work on Windows 10 for phones.

Landscape orientation is also a much-awaited feature for Windows Phone. The feature will especially be useful for tablets. For example, if you open the mail app, it will show the recent mails on the sidebar. This will allow users to easily read through their mails without even opening and closing each email. The feature will also make the user experience much cleaner on tablets and large displays. It’s worth noting that Windows Phone 10 will be released for smartphones and tablets.

The concept also shows off some multitask features. There is a “close all” feature on multitask which will allow the users to close all the opened applications at once. Another great feature that might come with Windows Phone 10 is Smart Task Bar — this will let users quickly switch between apps. When a user swipe up from down, it will reveal a small menu with icons of running apps which will make it much easier to switch between apps.

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Google & Apple, both of the company’s operating system introduced Interactive Notification just a few months ago. The Interactive Notification feature will let user interact with the notification without opening the app. For example, if someone send you a message, you’ll be able to reply without even opening the messaging app.

The concept shows off some great features of Windows 10 for phones. However, there is some features that the designer has missed out. According to recent reports, Microsoft is expected to introduce side by side apps and groups on start menu.

All the features mentioned on this article is based on the concept video. It isn’t confirmed if the features will be available on Windows 10 for phones.

What other things would you like to see on Windows 10 for phones? Discuss in the comment section below.

Source: Moises David Perez Naranjo | Via: Super Dev Resources