Comscore: Windows Phone share remains constant in Q2 to Q3 2015




In what probably comes as good news, despite Windows Phone’s poor sales in Q3 2015 (where Microsoft only sold 5.8 million handsets) it seems enough of those sold in USA to keep Windows Phone’s share of the installed base at 2.9% of the smartphone market.

In fact, given that the market grew slightly, there are now 60,000 more Windows Phone users in USA compared to Q2 2015 (5.58 million vs 5.52 million).

The numbers add further confusion, with Kantar’s numbers also suggesting Windows Phone had a relatively good Q3 2015 in Europe and China, and Comscore now also suggesting things were not completely disastrous in USA, which makes it difficult to explain where the 4 million missing Windows Phones went.

Comscore’s full report can be read here.

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