Comscore: Windows Phone losses continue in USA


In sharp contrast to the recent relatively rosy windows phone market share numbers in Europe, Comscore’s installed base numbers for smartphones in June has shown further falls in the usage base of Windows Phone in USA.

According to their latest numbers for the 3 months ending June 2015, only 2.9% of the 190.3 million smartphone users in USA are using Windows Phones, giving us a total of 5.52 million users in the country, down 170,000 from last month’s numbers.

According to Kantar’s numbers for the same period only 3% of smartphones sold in Q2 2015 were Windows Phones, suggesting we will not see Comscore’s installed base numbers increase any time soon.

We are of course all looking forward to the Windows 10 Mobile flagships which are primarily targeted at well-off consumers in developed countries like USA, but I suspect the next 3 months are going to see further sliding numbers.


We posted yesterday that in 2014 9% of adult smartphone users in UK used Snapchat. Comscore has today also delivered some news about the great unicorn app for Windows Phone, and has revealed that 21% of USA smartphone users (on iOS and Android) over 18 used Snapchat, well below Yahoo Stocks and Apple Maps, but clearly on the rise.

The full Comscore report can be seen here.