Comscore: Windows Phone holds steady at 3% share for 3rd month in a row, adds 75,000 US subscribers


Comscore has released their monthly smartphone ownership numbers for the US market, and just like in March and April, in May 3% of US smartphone subscribers owned Windows Mobile or Windows Phone handsets.

The smartphone market has however continued to grow, adding 2.5 million users in the last month, and Windows Phone ownership itself grew by 75,000 or more users.

The news is not quite as good as for Blackberry, with ownership down 0.6% in the quarter, and down 0.3% from last month.  At this rate it should be less than 6 months before there are more Windows Phone than Blackberry owners in the US.

The situation otherwise appears pretty static in the US, but it would be good to see the Comscore numbers start edging up in the near future, as it has done elsewhere in the world.