Comscore: Windows Phone actually lost 50,000 users between Q3 and Q4 2013 in USA




In as far as Comscore numbers can be trusted, things continue to look bad for Windows Phone in USA.

The latest numbers back from the market research company shows Windows Phone having 3.1% share of the subscriber base in the last 3 months of 2013, down from 3.3% in Q3 2013.

That translates into Windows Phone subscribers dropping from 4.88 million to 4.83 million users.

While we have reports of gangbuster sales of Nokia’s cheapest Windows Phone in USA, the Nokia Lumia 521/520,it seems the pull of the newly launched iPhone was too much.  If there is any consolation to Windows Phone, it is that even Android lost some market share over the period, with Apple being the big winner, gaining a full 1.2% in the period.

It is likely we will once again see gains over the next 3 quarters, as iPhone mania subsides, but it is clear the US market remains a very hard nut to crack.

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