Comscore shows US Windows Phone market share losses have halted, now 4.8 million US users own Windows Phones


5, 2011

Author Surur // in News


US installed base98.487.
Percent loss0.


Comscore have released their monthly installed base figures for the US market, and it confirms that Windows Phone has turned the corner.

Market share losses have stalled for the last 3 months now, with new Windows Phone 7 users replacing the departing Windows Mobile users at a more than fast enough rate.  In the growing smartphone market, this means at the end of August there were  130,000 extra Windows Phone users compared to the end of July, and of the 84.5 million US smartphone subscribers, 4.82 million now use Windows Phones.

We look forward to the coming months, when we hope Mango fever will result the curve starting to bend upwards and actual market share gains.

See the Comscore August report here.

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