Comscore data shows Windows Phone failing to convince other smartphone users, but having better luck with upgrading feature phone owners




Smartphone Acquisition in Past Month: OS Analysis
3 month avg. ending Apr. 2012 
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers, Age 13+ that Acquired Device in Month*
Source: comScore MobiLens Custom Analysis
  % Share of Audience of Those Acquiring Smartphone in Month
Feature Phone to Smartphone Smartphone to Smartphone**
Google 61.5% 54.2%
Apple 25.2% 33.5%
Microsoft 7.1% 3.0%
RIM 4.8% 9.6%

*Acquired phone in month refers to people who received a new phone during the month including people who purchased a device, who received a phone but did not directly purchase the device, etc. 
**Including migration within same OS.

Comscore has posted the results of some research looking at first time smartphone buyers.

Their study showed in April 2012 47.5% of feature phone owners who were upgrading were opting for smartphones.

Of those opting for a smartphone, the majority were opting for Android handsets, significantly less were buying iPhones, and 7.1% were opting for Windows Phones.

This number was nearly double the number of existing smartphone owners who were upgrading to Windows Phones (3%), indicating that even now the majority of Windows Mobile users were not opting for Windows Phone, and Windows Phone was not winning many converts from existing Android, Blackberry and iPhone owners.

The information is consistent with news from T-Mobile, who noted that the Nokia Lumia 710 was very popular with first time smartphone buyers.

With higher specced, more competitive Windows Phones coming at the end of the year this situation may however improve.

In April 2012 110 million Americans owned a smartphone, with Windows Mobile and Windows Phone users combined making up 4% of the total number.

Read the full report at Comscore here.

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