Complaints coming in that Microsoft unfairly favoured Finland in Imagine Cup

Winning app of the Imagine Cup 2012 (Windows Phone Challenge)

Microsoft has announced the 3 finalists in the Windows Phone segment of the Imagine Cup 2012 contest.

The Windows Phone segment of the contest challenges students to create software that can make a broad impact in the world by building great apps that start with strong functionality and finish with an outstanding Windows Phone user experience. Entrants are encouraged to use special Windows Phone features and cloud services.

This year Nokia sponsored the Windows Phone segment of the Imagine Cup 2012, and one of the 3 finalists was the app, Mother Care, reviewed (rather critically) above.

Entrants are complaining the app fails on multiple levels, including repeatedly crashing, lacks innovation, and accuse the app of only winning because the team originated from Aalto University in Finland, where Microsoft and Nokia recently set up an 18 million euros AppCampus two months ago to create applications for Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone segment is routinely the most popular segment of the Imagine Cup, which attracts more than 100,000 entries each year, with students pouring months of work into their applications. Entrants are demanding to know why such a poor application, which did not even win the Finnish regional contest, still beat out what appeared to be numerous better comers.

Hopefully, for the sake of the credibility of the contest, answers will be forthcoming.